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These are exciting times if you are a gambling enthusiast in South Africa. The online gambling sector in the Rainbow nation is growing rapidly. If you have a PC/mobile phone, you can enjoy world-class gambling anywhere you want – no need to drive to a Johannesburg or Cape Town casino. We are here to help you make the transition to online casinos in South Africa!

  • Who We Are
  • Our Mission
  • What We Do
  • Why Trust Us
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Who We Are is an online casino and gambling review portal with an exclusive focus on the South African market. We feature the top South African casinos – both offline and online – with a special focus on casino bonuses, promotional offers, and other exciting deals.

Our dynamic team is made up of South African professionals with decades of combined experience in the online gambling industry. Our experts have a great passion for online casinos. We come from diverse backgrounds – online casino management, marketing, anti-fraud, legal/compliance, and online security fields.

This site is 100% geared towards the welfare and safety of South African online casino players. It is designed to provide a complete overview of online gambling in South Africa. If you want to learn anything about online gambling – casinos, games, bonuses, laws, this is the place to be!

Our Mission

It is our firm belief that online players in South Africa should have access to an honest, reliable, and impartial source of information about online casinos. With so many different brands to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you are a newcomer to the online gambling scene.

Plus, there is always the risk posed by scam operations hiding in the crowded casino market. This can be a problem in a rapidly growing market like South Africa, as many new players don’t have the experience or knowledge to spot an untrustworthy casino.

If you go in blind into the online casino scene, there is a risk of getting scammed. You deserve better than that. And is our mission to empower you with the knowledge and insights necessary to pick the best online casinos, and bonus deals in South Africa.

What We Do

To begin with, we provide information about gambling in South Africa, focusing on the following aspects:

• Trusted casinos for South African players – listings and reviews • Latest casino bonuses – recommendations and reviews • In-depth guides on casino games, banking, tips & tricks

We have designed as a comprehensive database for all things related to the South African online gambling scene. Our team of experts is constantly researching casinos and bonuses to ensure that the data available on our pages are 100% accurate and up-to-date.

As part of our mission, we report on the latest online casino launches, games, and gambling news from all over the globe. We interact with reputed and trusted casino operators to identify and highlight the best online casino bonuses for our audience.

>Why Trust Us

Here at, we do not charge any fees from our readers. But hosting and maintaining a massive database like this costs money. We are able to provide a free service because we create special arrangements with a select few online casinos.

Here is how it works – we highlight offers from casinos that we consider the best in the South African market. When a particular casino receives traffic from our site (when you click on a link provided by us to visit a casino), we get paid a small fee by the casino.

Why only a limited number of casinos, you may be wondering? That’s because we only wish to work with casinos that we consider worthy of your attention. Trust is vital here – we want you, our audience, to have a guaranteed good time at any casino we recommend. And to ensure that we have to be extra careful when picking casino partners. All websites we highlight are chosen by us, based on a rigorous series of tests and reviews by our experts. The casinos we link up with have no say in what we publish – every word in our reviews is based entirely on independent research. And we don't just blindly promote casinos for pay.

You can trust us to deliver honest, unbiased reviews of casinos and no deposit bonus offers at all times. All our reviews are backed by a strict review process and a fully-data-driven approach to research.



Is online casino gambling safe in South Africa?

Yes, online casino gambling is totally safe and secure in South Africa, provided you take some basic precautions. Always try to pick trusted, well-known, and highly reputed South African casinos. You can find a comprehensive list of such sites right here on As long as you stick to casinos recommended by our experts, your gambling experience is guaranteed to be 100% safe and enjoyable!


Can I win real money at South African online casinos?

Yes, all online casinos in South Africa provide real gambling games where you bet in ZARs. It is just like a real casino in Durban or Cape Town – you need to create a bankroll at the casino by adding money through a credit card/online banking. Every bet is placed using real money – if you win, your account is paid out in real ZAR!


Why should I trust recommendations?

We don't gain anything by providing you with incorrect or unsafe information. Our success as a popular information platform relies on your satisfaction. If you suffer a bad experience at a casino we recommend, it will affect our ability to generate traffic. We only thrive if all our readers have a positive experience at online casinos highlighted on our site – our team of experts spends thousands of hours each month to ensure that all casinos and offers on this site work exactly as advertised.


What is an exclusive bonus?

Due to our position as a top information platform for online casino players in South Africa, we have a certain degree of leverage. Casino operators are keen to get some exposure on our pages. We single out the best operators and negotiate special promotional deals for our audience. You will not find these exclusive bonus offers on any other online website or even at the casino itself!


Can play casino games on mobile?

As long as you have a working internet connection at all times, you can play the latest casino games and slots on your mobile device in South Africa. You don't need to worry about brand, OS, or hardware – as long as it is an Android device or an iPhone/iPad with a fully updated browser (like Chrome/Safari), you are all set!


Why should I play online casinos in South Africa?

Playing online is all about convenience, accessibility, and safety. You don’t have to travel to a physical location to play your favorite slots or casino card games anymore – just open your mobile phone or PC and get started in a matter of seconds! You can do it anywhere – your home, at the office on a break, or during your daily commute. These days, there is also the issue of health – going to crowded casinos during COVID is not recommended – better stay at home and enjoy slots and big wins in comfort!

Are you looking for transparent, unbiased South African Online Casino and game reviews, then is the place to be! We provide you with fresh and accurate information about online casinos with a focus on the ZAR market, as well as offer players the best within online casino bonuses.

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